Say hello…Hi

Where are you from?New South Wales , Australia

What led you to join Connect? Researching an article and came across Connect

How do you hope to contribute?To help others grow in their faith and to receive the same.


Welcome to Connect @Rethink
What article were you researching that led you here?


Welcome aboard @Rethink. I’m so glad that you have joined from Australia. What a blessing it is to have christians come together in a global way. You have added that to the site. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Trevor,

Welcome to connect! This is a lovely community with a heart for God our Father in heaven.

Every time I see someone from Australia I’m reminded of the frailty of all things and the grace our Lord gives communities to endure and come together in love. We pray for a heartfelt recovery for your communities, land, and wildlife.

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Hi brianlalorr , well it probably was several articles and videos I had been watching, I live in an area in Australia which is between Byron Bay and Nimbin which are probably the biggest centres of alternative life/thinking. Lismore is the place where I live it has the second largest gay community outside Sydney, it has the most extreme environmentalist group in Australia. The population of Lismore is about 48000. So as a Christian everywhere you turn there is a big discussion on the go somewhere.
So I am finding Connect a good source of information that helps me grow even being a Christian for 43 years God still amazes me.


Thanks for the prayers, please pray for the church in Australia that it can be a light in this and all the time. Here in Australia, we can be quick to help when things go wrong but very slow to spend time with others in time of peace. So in all that may we as the church grow in obedience to God and reach out all the time with the message of hope mercy and grace.


Thanks, Keldon yes indeed it is great to have Christians come
ing together from all around the world.
cheers brother


@Rethink I love Australia. I did two degrees through USQ so I spent a bit of time in Brisbane and Toowomba. I also volunteered for an Australian NGO for 6 years. One of my favorite places in the world is the Bondi to Cuggie walk. There are some fabulous churches in Brisbane and Sydney that I have been to. I know there is a lot going on at the moment around climate. May God bless you, brother, as you interact with those around you :handshake:


@Rethink Nice to meet you!