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Hi! I’m from Alabama, USA. I first came across Ravi Zacharias on YouTube about a year ago. Since then I began listening to various RZIM podcasts, particularly Vince and Jo Vitale’s “Ask Away” series. I was raised a Christian but just began to take it serious about 5-6 months ago. I hope that Connect can help answer some of the many questions I have. I would love to grow in my faith and knowledge of the Gospel to a point where I can help answer some questions on this platform as well as evangelize in person to others. I’ve been wrestling with myself for a while now so I hope I can find some clarity and peace soon.


Hi @TreyD, Welcome to Connect! So glad that you have found Ravi’s talks online and been listening to Ask Away—you can sign up to follow the discussions on that podcast here. It is so encouraging to hear how you are eager to grow in your faith and work through the questions you have—thank you for choosing to make the Connect community a part of your discipleship journey!


Welcome aboard @TreyD. We appreciate that you are here. Please do share what questions you have that members here can help with. You are on a great path right now and I wish you the best. Start offering a word of encouragement to a new member and maybe get involved in a book study through the Christian growth category if you are interested. There is a really good one right now. Check it out: Gentle and Lowly Book Study: An Invitation. God bless you and your journey.


Hello Trey. Welcome to the family. Hope this platform will help you grow in your walk with Christ.


Welcome to Connect Trey! We are glad to have you join us! Your zeal for learning will be a blessing to you as you dig deeper into God’s truths. This is a great place to learn and I hope you are blessed by your time here! :blush:


Welcome aboard, Trey! Glad you are here and I love the fact that we serve a God who welcomes our questions. This forum is an open and kind place to ask.


Welcome Trey Doriety,

As you have begun the serious part of your christian journey, most certainly God will equip you and use you to help others, as others help you. And every question on your heart is the very question you should ask. And wrestling with God stuff in our lives is biblical also:

“Then Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until daybreak.”
Genesis 32:24 NASB

Turns out Jacob ended up wrestling with God. He ended up with a limp afterwards, but he got blessed for his perseverance in it. We all have times in our walk when we wrestle with the God who calls us to Christ Jesus. Our self is like that. Trust in Him to guide your daily walk; see where God will take you in it all.

God bless,

Ken :canada:


I’m glad you joined, Trey! I also grew up in a Christian family, but reached a point where I wanted to know why I believed what I believed. Asking questions is the best way to get answers. Keep seeking the Lord and His wisdom. Proverbs 4:7; 9:10


@TreyD Welcome to the Rzim connect family. I hope you will be greatly edified and the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened throughout your stay here. God bless you richly


Jacob wrestled with God, and “won.” Maybe you can try wrestling with God, too! Welcome to the prime venue for wrestling with God!


Thank you for all the warm welcomes And encouraging words! I’m excited to grow in this community and in spirit. I hope I see all of you around!


Hi Trey. I was born in alabama,
Recently joined connect. I probably won’t be able to answer your questions but I ask what are some of your questions? Maybe that will create more questions for all of us to consider. In the spirit asking I will give first some of my questions. I sometimes doubt whether I truly am a Christian? Am I just going through the motions with self-reliance. Like the church at sardis who looked good on the outside but Jesus says"your dead" I do not always share the Gospel. Maybe I don’t have any thing to share. The church at Ephesus was warned by Jesus that they had left their first love of Jesus. I ask,Am I compromising with the world by wanting more money, but not wanting more Jesus ? Why I am more tolerant of my sins but not tolerate the sins of others?Am I tolerating my sins for economic and social gains? Why do I go to church on sunday and live in the spirit of the world the next six days?Therefore,why do I grasp for the world and not abide in the open arms of Jesus? Jesus warned the church at Pergamum concerning this matter. They were tolerating sinful ungodly behavior for sake of acceptance of the culture they were in.
I have some that I conceal from God because of my insecurity of thinking I do not have enough. When I get more sometimes I want more. Is that a Christian who relies on money? Why do I not rely in an all sufficient God who would give me all I need?


In short @Jesus2020 because you are human. We all, after becoming Christians, struggle with doubt, sin, questions, and perceived insincerity. Paul struggled, just like you and me. Romans 7:14 - 8:1. But, pnder 8:1: those in Jesus are no longer subject to condemnation.

Once a child of God, having confessed sin, believed in Jesus, having accepted Christ as Savior, will not be snatched away. 27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.28 I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will “take” them out of my hand. - John 10:27-28

Even your acknowledgement of concern and doubt reveal the spirit in you. My suggestion for your edification is to join us in reading Gentle and Lowly. It might be something that would resonate with you in terms of who Jesus really is and you know Jesus is molding you like a potter with clay. Connect is here for you and your questions. Let’s explore it together. Here is the link to the discussion thread: Gentle and Lowly Book Study: An Invitation

Also here is a link to a 14 day devotional from the book that you and he may find edifying. Check it out.

God bless you.

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