Trinity - did Jesus taking on humanity affect the relationships in the trinity?

I am wondering if Jesus coming to Earth as a human & his death & resurrection change the relationships within the trinity?

For example, if you go through a tough time in life with a friend, you’ll probably be closer over time. And generally, human relationships either grow or fade over time. Are any of these ideas true with the trinity?

p.s. I am fairly new to this site and realize there are other posts about the trinity. I didn’t find another one with this kind of question, but let me know if I missed one!


Hi @Teasley

Great question, and yes I never thought of asking it that way. But the immutable nature of Jesus has been well stated in Hebrew 13:8. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Jesus, in taking on humanity, “emptied” Himself (Phil 2:7), was “made for a little while lower than the angels” (Heb 2:9, see also Ps 8:5), “increasing in wisdom and stature” (Luk 2:52). But all these are talking about Jesus’ human nature. And only serves to prove that He indeed take on humanity like all human.

The key to understanding Jesus and Trinity is:
Trinity = 1 Being 3 Persons, or 1 What 3 Whos
Jesus = 1 Person 2 Beings, or 1 Who 2 Whats

So His divine nature of the Trinity was not lost or faded when He took on the human nature. The divine nature, during His time on earth, was at best suppressed, as when He says “only the Father knows” (Matt 24:36). Because the human Jesus doesn’t know, but the divine Jesus is one w God, and of course knows what God knows.

I hope I’m making sense to you, and helped somewhat to understand.



Hi, @Teasley! That’s a very great, thoughtful question. Roy brought up a great point about the immutable nature of Jesus. To apply that point to what you are asking, it would be good to state that God does not change. He is perfect in every way, and that includes the trinitarian relationship. If that relationship is, always has been, and always will be perfect, then no, it does not change and grow with any event like a human being’s would. That is hard to wrap my mind around! However, the trinitarian relationship, because it is God and God’s nature, is different than any human relationship. What do you think?

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Yeah, true that @psalm151ls

Even though we can apprehend the nature of God, but it is never easy, or if I were to be honest, I cannot fully comprehend, as a limited creature trying to understand the limitless nature of the Trinity. Hard to wrap our mind around this.We’ll all be sooo mindblown in our afterlife.

I would say, taking on a human nature didn’t affect the Trinity per se. Jesus had already taken on a human appearance multiple times in the Old Testament before his incarnation, and man is made in the image of God anyway. But the 3 hours of darkness while the wrath of God was poured out upon Christ on the Cross did. Jesus called out “My God my God why have you forsaken me?” as it is written in Psalms 22. This separation was something the Trinity had never experienced. This is also why Jesus was sweating blood in the garden asking the Father if there was another way. He wasn’t worried about nails, or betrayal, or scourging. He was in great distress about this moment in time when the Trinity would suffer this break in unity. But he did it willingly because of the love he has for us. Did it affect the Trinity? Absolutely. Did it bring the Trinity closer together? I don’t believe that’s possible, seeing as they are in perfect harmony already, but it ought to bring us closer together with him.

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what about when Jesus being separated in the cross? is it still Trinity?

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Hi @fortunatuskenzo, I’m finding it hard to imagine an inter-dimensionally omnipresent being to be separated each other. Where could you possibly run to that pass as being separated from each other?

But again, that is coming from my limited understanding. What really happens, only He knows