Trish Crews

Hello RZIM Alumni:)

I’m from North Carolina

My husband is an unbeliever and this has driven me to study apologetics. So much so that I now teach a college age class at my church. My first exposure to apologetics was through Intelligent Design and I’ve craved studying ever since. It’s wonderful to be a part of such a diverse and learned group. Looking forward to conversing with y’all ( as we say in the south). :blush:

How do you hope to contribute?
My knowledge is not too great but I’m a great questioner. So maybe my contribution will be in asking, hopefully, insightful questions.


Welcome to Connect, Patricia! :smiley: Your story brings my heart such encouragement. Praise the Lord for your heart to know Him more deeply so you can in turn share Him with others. How courageous and desperately needed to teach a college apologetics class.


Hi Patricia, welcome to Connect. Here you are in good company with people who know and love God and who like to learn more and share their experiences with each other. God’s blessing for your work in the college age class and for your marriage. Recently I read Page’s introduction, who is in a similar situation.

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Hi Patricia, I’m glad to see you on here. I’m from NC too, the mountains. I live in Australia now with my husband and our two children. Welcome.


Thank you so much for your encouraging words! What a blessing to be part of a fellowship of likeminded believers:)

Hi Page😊
Do you miss NC?
We’ve got a beautiful spring right now :smile:

I miss the mountains, the waterfalls, my family of origin and extended family, four distinct seasons…but I’ve learned that actively missing anything for a long period of time is crippling for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, so I don’t often dwell in that head–or heart–space. I made choices as a young woman that lead to giving up a great deal, and I choose now not to dwell on that high cost. It’s a sad part of life that God does not shield us from the consequences of our sins, even after we have asked for and been forgiven. I call Australia home now and look forward to coming back here whenever I leave the country.