(Tsilise) #1

Say hello…
Hello, everyone am so glad to be part of this community.
Where are you from?
Am from Nagaland which is of the Indian states.
What led you to join Connect?
Am a keen listener of Dr. Zacharias’ talks and host of other amazing RZIM speakers. And i believe this is the best platform for me to be able directly communicate with RZIM team to gain more insight about Christain faith and also to train myself to defend my faith in public spaces.
How do you hope to contribute?
I don’t have any professional training on Theology but my desire to have meaning would i believe encourage more of my friends circles to be part of this amazing commumity of well-informed believers.

(Daniel) #2

Hello @Tsilise, welcome and nice to meet you here :grinning: This is indeed a great place to learn and to ask questions. I’m from Germany and joined after completing the core module. I think that everybody can contribute something to this community :+1:

(Tsilise) #3

Thanks, Dan. I hope to have more meaningful discussions with this community of believers.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @Tsilise,

I’m so glad to meet a sister in Christ from Nagaland. Welcome! We just had the privilege of Q&A with @Neil_Boniface in the #ask-rzim Category:

I trust that your participation in Connect will be good practice that prepares you to have more and better conversations with friends. I look forward to learning from you and growing in Christ together.

(Tsilise) #5

Thank you sir. Just a minor correction here. Am not a girl, my name pretty much appears to be like a female for people outside of my native inhabitant.

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Hi @Tsilise, thank you for the correction. I do apologize!

My voice can be a little high pitched, so I am regularly referred to as “ma’am” in drive through windows, on the phone, etc… welcome, my BROTHER in Christ!

(Tsilise) #7

Apology accepted, sir. And thanks a lot for your warm welcome

(Tim Ramey) #8

@CarsonWeitnauer @Tsilise
Hey Carson and Tsilise, it looks I’m in good company! Tsilise, when I tell people that my name is “Tim”, they think that I’m saying “Kim” because Carson, my voice is high. I, too, am regularly called "ma’am’ on the phone - probably half the time. Then they always apologize and blame it on a bad connection and I tell them to get over it because it always happens!