Turgay Yusuf

Hello all

I am from London England

I have just finished the core module and wanted to access the lectures.

I am a missionary in East London working amongst Muslims and I’m attempting to equip myself and others for effective evangelism with a focus to the this people group.


Hey Turgay! welcome :slight_smile:
i saw your reply on #daily-evangelism, thank you! please share more about your missionary work with Muslims. are you participating in EAP2019 Singapore? would be great if we could meet :smiley:


Hi Shawn

Thank you for your response. I am in the UK in London. Just new to RZIM connect.I’m just navigating my way around. I don’t understand the code you mentioned.

Of course though I would love to meet.


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Hello Turgay @turgay.yusuf
Am so please to connect with you. Hope you core module session was blissful? What is the most exciting experience for you in the academy?

I also work among the Muslim here in northern Nigeria. Why not join the Islam and other groups found in your menu box.
Feel free to engage and join the conversation.



Hi @turgay.yusuf, it is so nice to meet you. Congratulations on completing the Core Module and thank you for your heart in wanting to evangelize to Muslims. We would love to hear more from you as you share in this forum :pray:


Hey Turgay welcome to RZIM Connect . I do believe we took the core module together and really enjoyed reading your assignments. So great to see that you are completing missionary work and I pray God’s continual comfort and strength for you in this season.

Grace and Peace



Hi Turgay,

It’s good to see you on here after Core Module 090. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking forward to seeing how you’re going in London with your wonderful work.



Thank you Art

Thank you for your interest. The course has caused me to think about evangelism in a deeper way.

I like forward to the Muslim module.

What does mission and ministry look like for you ?


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Hi Shawn
I work for London City Mission where I lead a team in East London where we reach out to the unreached with a particular focus on Muslims. We’re involved in a broad range of ministries.Our aim is to enable, equip churches to do the same as we can only do so much.

Please tell me what you do


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Hello friend, I would love to know more about your missionary experience with Muslims, and I would also like to ask you about some material (books, videos, etc.) to learn more about this.

Blessings from mexico


Hi Turgay

Sorry about the delay in my response. We’ve had an extremely busy month with work and my daughter finishing year 12. I value this communication with other believers from other parts of the world. For me personally, while we don’t have many muslim’s in our area, I believe the lessons from someone who is trying to reach them are valuable for all of us in how to communicate the gospel to those around us.

My work is in a power station so that is one of my areas of mission. It is a group that probably feels that because they have a good job they have no need for God. That is my challenge. Before the course, if I had cause to share my faith I would have been too intense. I understood this wasn’t a good way to reach others so tended no to say anything if I could help it. Or to say the minimum. After the course I feel much better prepared and look forward to opportunities to discuss, not only what I believe, but what others believe as well. I hope this will encourage open dialogue.

To answer your question about ministry, I’m not in any particular ministry in my church. I meet regularly with the pastor and one other man for bible study, prayer and support. Because it’s a small church i’m also involved in various areas on roster. I’m part of a weekly bible study as well.

I always look for opportunities in our small town to establish relationships outside of my church fellowship.

I’m looking forward to reading more on this discussion forum, and in particular to read more about your own experiences in London.

God bless,

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