Twayigize Felix Junior

Hello, I am Felix. Rwandan. Actually i am pursuing my bachelor studies in Kenya.
I came to know about Ravi after his passing. For you know, even the death of a believer can still be a way for Jesus to be given glory. Amen. Ravi made a lot of sense, especially by his answers. I didn’t know that there was actually someone out there who responded to such deep questions. Well thanks to Jesus for his life. And here for his Family.
I am grateful to join.


Welcome Felix! I pray that God will use this platform to draw you closer to Him :blush:

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Hi Felix, thanks for coming in so we could meet a new friend in Christ. So good to see you growing and learning about Christ as well as in college getting a degree. There are many students and many courses available through RZIM. Hope you can avail yourself of these if time permits? Blessings of wisdom as you learn.