Two questions

As this holiday season approaches and before things get super busy:

  1. What is (one of) your favorite Bible verse(s) and why is that particular verse so meaningful to you?

  2. What is something that God has done in your life this year (or any time) that you are thankful for and would like to share?

A favorite verse is, “In the towns of the hill country, of the western foothills and of the Negev, in the territory of Benjamin, in the villages around Jerusalem, and in the towns of Judah, flocks will again pass under the hand of the one who counts them, says the LORD.” Jeremiah 33.13

Such a beautiful verse! To be personally counted by the hand of the One Who matters the most. Not my sins, shortcomings, failings or faults, but me, in spite of the lack. To pass under the hand of my Shepherd and not the hand of judgement (though well deserved and earned), but the hand of the One who set(s) me free.

I am thankful to God that He has brought a prodigal home, in more ways than one. It has been a surprise to see the change that has occurred, that I had absolutely nothing to do with. Change that warrants both question and statement.

“See what I have done?”

“See what I have done.”

mary beth


Genesis 1:1-5 is my favorite scripture. Particularly “and the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.” I quote this scripture quite often. I have the Hebrew word “Berashith” written in calligraphy on my refrigerator door. And, I have “In the beginning, God…” written on a tablet that rest on the top shelf of my cabinets. As simple as it may sound, I ponder this scripture all the time.

I think about the “Spirit hovering,” and how long God “hovered?” The Spirit’s ability to hover over the chaotic waters yet, the waters do not command Him, He commands the waters! I think of Gods redemptive plan from the very beginning, the Cross… Through all the chaos, He has it all worked out. I have to remind myself of this, over and over.

Last night I was watching a Forensic File episode. When it was over, I had a complete outburst. I was so angry at what happened. How dark we as humans can become. I shouted “what on earth are we doing here?” Why??? Why does this type of evil continue? Why are we so blind! I was really affected. And during my outburst, I am simultaneously asking for forgiveness. I realize I’m being foolish but I’m so upset, I’m being “human.”

This morning, as I’m approaching my refrigerator to open the door, I see the word, “Berashith” and I ask God to please forgive my foolish outburst. I think of the words to an old hymn…”Farther along, we’ll understand it, all by and by.”

And that leads me to your second question. I am thankful that we serve such a personal God. A loving father who will pardon the foolishness of being human. He “ hovered.” He knew, and still wanted to “breathe” life into Adams nostrils. I have heard John Lennox say “ God took care of the end, in the beginning.”

Thank you my beautiful Savior :pray:t3::heart: :latin_cross:
And thank you @MaryBeth1 for stirring my heart to ponder this morning :pray:t3:



I have been so encouraged and blessed by your sharing about the personal work of God on your behalf.

To grieve over the ravages of sin and evil, whether it be our own or someone else’s, is to display evidence that the heart of God is residing in His daughter.

Such a beautiful verse! I am always amazed at the simplicity and profundity of scripture. It is ours for the wading or the diving depending on the season and the need, He meets us there.

Hovering. Such a comforting thought and word in light of the character of the One who sits enthroned over the flood. (Psalms 29.10) I once heard a pastor say, and I think the same principle applies to this, that Jesus walking on the water was a demonstration that whatever is over our head is under His feet.

God uses His work in other people’s lives to bless our own. Thanks again for sharing, Sig!

Grace and peace to you,
Mary Beth


Hi Sig @sig What wonderful and beautiful thoughts. I love your ways to display your favorite verses. I wish I could say, “This is my favorite verse.” I cycle through so many because He gives me verses for the situations I encounter. I hold onto them, then pass on to another verse He shows me.
However, my pastor was doing a sermon series on Gratitude earlier this year and used a word I have held onto because of the beauty and meaning it has in showing God’s sovereignty intermingled with His love and care. It’s the Hebrew word, “Dayenu”. It’s an expression of gratitude that is recited during Passover when the Jewish people recount all the ways God has cared for them, saying that if (such and such) was all He did, it would be “sufficient”, or “Dayenu”. I have written “Dayenu” on the wall over my stove in the kitchen to remind me each day of his mercies. I also use it with my signature on my emails.

(I am an avid fan of “Forensic Files” also). I love the science that God provides to solve mysteries. It is appalling how human beings treat each other. Or how nature can be defiled to kill or infect so many through contamination. However, I don’t think God minds your outcries. Look what Jesus did when he saw how His Father’s house was being made into a house of thieves. Talk about an outburst!!! He turned tables over. I bet you didn’t turn any tables over in your outrage. I think God is pleased when He knows your heart that expresses such anger at sin. But He also loves your heart that comes to him in humility, asking forgiveness.