Tyler Lambregtse - Introduction


My name is Tyler Lambregtse. I have been listening to the RZIM podcasts for a little over 4 years now. I have attended a few RZIM events and love Jesus! I am from Lake Orion Michigan and attend Woodside Bible Church in Troy Michigan. Woodside Troy is led by our Pastor Chris Brooks who also has his own podcast “Equipped”.

When I found out about RZIM Connect, I had to sign up! (Better later than never) I plan to use this as a study tool from time to time in the Bible Study I lead through our young adult ministry “The Collective” as a way to see how we would answer real life questions we could get from our friends, family, coworkers, etc.


Welcome to Connect @Tyler_Lambregtse I hope you find a lot of useful information here that is useful for your study.


Hello Tyler, welcome to connect. So glad you are here to join in the conversation. This is an awesome place to learn and grow in our knowledge of truth. Jump on in and enjoy.


Welcome to Connect Tyler, we are so happy that you have joined us! I can sense your enthusiasm in your introduction which will be very welcome in any conversation you may engage in here. :slight_smile:

This forum will be very helpful with your Bible study I’m sure! We host a small group from our church and I have found that RZIM has two small group curriculums that are available if you are interested. I would love to get one for our group! You and your young people will be a blessing as you learn to thoughtfully and respectfully engage with others around you to be witnesses for Christ. :blush:


Welcome Tyler :snowflake:

You are up in Abdu Murray’s neck of the woods, my husband is also a Michigander, as are quite a few Connect members as well.

How delightful that you have joined connect, I look forward to your interactions here on connect and thank you for your time and effort in leading people to truth through your Bible study, “The Collective”.

I have come across a resource RZIM offers and I wonder if it would be relevant for your group.

Everyday Questions is RZIM’s nine-week small group curriculum designed to equip Christians in evangelism.

Everyday Questions will prepare your small groups to faithfully love your neighbors and share the gospel in today’s complex and ever-changing world. We’ve done the research for you and compiled it into an easy-to-use, interactive curriculum available online or in a hard-copy format, so that pastors and small group or ministry leaders can give their energy and time to investing in their people.


Welcome aboard @Tyler_Lambregtse. Thank you for coming alongside us here at connect. So glad to have another michigander joining. I was just at your church when Stuart mccallister, Abdu Murray and Michael ramsden were there. Had a really good time. That’s a great church. Pastor Brooks helped us out here in East Lansing where I am from when Andy Bannister was here for a 4 day conference in apologetics. I’m glad you are excited to be involved here. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to Connect Mr. Tyler.

You will find this a very engaging and respectful community in our Lord.

I am so happy you have taken another step to find us here!

Blessings and looking forward to your posts sir.