UAI resource: The Search for Mecca


(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi Friends, last night Dr. Andy Bannister featured and summarized some of the research done by Dan Gibson at Fascinating material that Petra, not Mecca, is the original holy city. I thought many of you might enjoy exploring this!

(Melvin Greene) #2

This is fascinating, @CarsonWeitnauer. I’m interested in how the Islamic world reacts to this.

Thanks for sharing this.

(Helen Tan) #3

Hi Carson

I found this summary online and was wondering if anyone knows if what is said is accurate and can be used effectively in discussions. It references Jay Smith and the work of Dan Gibson.

(Gary Johnson) #4

Hi Carson, I received a phone call and was kind of pushed out the door yesterday afternoon before I had a chance to touch base with you. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to show me around and make the effort to reach out to me at the event. Your a class act. Was this the first time you had learned of the Quranic Geography discussion?

(Gary Johnson) #5

Hi Helen - to me this information seems a little thin, but then again so is most of what we know about the era of Muhammad. The years 600 to 650 are kind of a black hole in terms of archaeology. The main thing I would put forward is that this information answers a revisionist riddle - Was Mecca really the center of the events described in the Koran, or was Mecca’s history an invention of later rulers and scholars to meet a political or some other end? The claims that Mecca was the center of the mercantile trade routes of the day is thin, because Byzantine trade records do not mention Mecca, well, ever until well after Muhammad’s time. Writers like Wansbrough, Patricia Crone, Tom Holland and a handful of others are trying to answer the question; Jay Smith’s Islamics mentor was Crone.

The problem is that what the Revisionists are advancing is theory, not fact. Ultimately, the Revisionist line of thought leads to the question: Did Muhammad Really Exist? which happens to be the title of a Robert Spencer book released in 2014. In that regard, virtually every historian is certain that Jesus existed, even Muslim historians. In that regard, I think the information is more than useful. But, if I were a Muslim that was bent on a debate on the matter, I would simply say that Gibson’s book and findings are pure fiction, they are unverifiable, and they do not take into account the fact that all Muslims knew where Mecca was, and it didn’t matter what the footprint of a building says, inside the building, the Imam would have led the prayer correctly. So, in that regard, it is kind of a non-starter.

(Jimmy Sellers) #6

Hi @Helen_Tan:
I have included a link to a site that does offer a good argument for the search for Mecca. thought you might like it.

(Jimmy Sellers) #7

To all:
Please see attached PDF “ACCESS TO DATA Dan R. Gibson Qibla Data”.
If the subject interests you he has make available on
all the data that he used to support his claim that the Qibla use to point to Petra. Enjoy. :grinning:

ACCESS_TO_DATA (002).pdf (62.0 KB)