Unbelievers' bodies in hell

Hi everyonewill the resurrected bodies of the unbelievers have different bodies than their earthly bodies?

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That would be a natural assumption for anyone who believes in a resurrection of the lost - which Jesus certainly taught - in John 5:28-29, He called it the resurrection of damnation. Paul also said in Acts 24:15 that there shall be a resurrection both of the just and the unjust.

Obviously, people who have mouldered in the earth for millennia would not be expected to rise in bodies that disintegrated long ago. And the Bible is clear that the bodies of resurrected saints are radically different (I Corinthians 15:35-44). So it seems natural to assume that the bodies of the unjust would have a supernatural quality to them as well - especially if the smoke of their torment is going to ascend up for ever and ever - Revelation 14:11.

@dbdavon Great question :slight_smile: I would like to note that not all Christians, either presently or historically, have held the belief that those who reject Jesus will be tormented endlessly. Well known evangelical leaders, such as John Stott, have adopted the view called conditionalism. In this view, unbelievers will stand before Christ on the Day of Judgment and face consequences for their sin, but they will not live forever like those who know Christ. Instead, they will be destroyed and cease to exist.

I’ve included some more resources below to learn about the different views.

The three views of how God handles sin ultimately are:

  1. Eternal torment - some form of eternal suffering or separation from God
  2. Conditionalism - those who reject God are judged and then cease to exist
  3. Universalism - sin is real, but all people will eventually be brought to repentance
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Although @SeanO and I disagree on what the Bible teaches about the eternal duration of hell, I strongly suspect that he would agree that the answer to your initial question is yes - the lost are raised in bodies that are different from those they died in.

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