Understanding a muslim and how to deal with such people

One day one of my transporter (muslim) said, he got a stomach pain and his Allah said to him to go to a plant and easy some of the leaves of the plant, after eating he got healed and after many days he got the same stomach problem this time he directly ate those leaves and he did not get healing and then he asked Allah why this time he was not healed?
Then allah said to him, he has to trust him not on the leaves that’s why you are not healed.
I was amazed, because until that time I never heard that kind of story from any muslim.

My question is when we encounter such kind of people or situations, how a Christian has to understand that situations and how to defend or prepare ?


Hi @Caleb_Levi. Great question. The most effective way to reach people is to first try to get to know them: who they are, what their culture, and the beliefs are. Learning the core of Islam, the Quran will give you a better understanding as to why they believe what they believe. From there you can better respond. Else, they will be easily defensive and you’d be addressing something that will not make sense to them. Having a good relationship with a person also helps to show that he can trust you as a person that you mean well in all you say and do.

But to get to know him, you can just start asking question and let them answer. First, just normal non-religious questions. Then you can delve into more religious ones. Those may help and show them the hole in their logic or statements. You could say, Isnt Allah on the Throne, and angels are the ones that come down from heaven to do this things, how are you saying Allah talk to you. Is Allah personal? does he care about the small things? You can definitely agree with him Trust in God is important though.

I hope that helps.
God Bless.


@Danageze thank you for taking time and answering to think little deeper.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Levi @Caleb_Levi

Wonderful question. I live in a Muslim country and deal with a lot of Muslims. The interesting thing about a Muslim is in the undying believe never to question their Allah and whatever happens, is by his will. If things do not happen as per the first time, they assume it is by their Allah will. That is why they always say InnshaAllah. - By God Grace.

When we look at their religion, it is based on the belief that everything is by Allah will and you are not there to question it. Firstly, it is interesting that he said Allah told him to take the leaves. Does Allah actually talk to him? In Islam, Allah talks to nobody. He uses angels to mediate on his behalf. Even their Quran was sent by the Angel Gabriel and not Allah.

But rather than question his beliefs, try applying logic and ask him about why not visit a doctor. If God is sovereign, doctors exist to help by Allah decree. To challenge a Muslim about his belief at the beginning might be a wrong thing to do but showing compassion for him first, helps.

Tell him that his Allah created all and doctors exist by his will. So rather than listen to voices because it may be the devil, why not go to a doctor. Show caring and love to his predicament and over time he will look to your wisdom. That relationship matters and in the beginning, become friends and over time with the Holy Spirit, he will begin to ask you more.

To challenge a Muslim about his religion is to challenge his intrinsic value. Their identity is anchored in their religion. You have to be loving and passionate.

God Bless


Thank you @LukeShori for your suggestions.

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