Unity in divinity. Please tell me if I’m wrong

(Josh) #1

This is about the triunity of God specifically was he alway three personages in one essence or was there a time as I think now that he was literally three in one. I guess I should explain my thought process to you prior to explaining my reason that I came to this conclusion. I was contemplating God and man and such matters when I happened to look at how and why God made man. I began with and God said let us make man in our image and let them have dominion over our creations. Genies 1-26. Now I came to a problem here how did God make man in his image? First without really thinking about it I thought duh physically but that can not be it for one there are a ton of variations on physical appearance let alone birth defects and then two different genders no I thought there is to much to be specifically in his image then I thought well it must mean mind but again I know some plants that take more thought in doing things then some people I know and once again we are looking at birth defects as well as gender so again to much variety for comfort so I eventually settled on appearance and that God in essence was like a monarchy and that the personage was like the king and prince and advisor or some variation and that I was just not meant to understand until the afterlife. However I was never totally comfortable with this assumption so I started to think on it as I was listening to dr. Evans talk about man being a three part being I then read some n.t. Write and he said the same and I realized that is how we are created in God’s image we are triune and we are meant to be that way because God created us perfect in his likeness. I continued to think and realized that I commune with myself all the time but what the soul wants and what the body wants are not always the same witch creates discord in the spirit and because we are broken our spirit is not cleansed until we are saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit witch cleanses our spirit and brings our being into harmony. I am getting off track so now I see how God is one he is one being composed of body soul and spirit. How then he become three. When man fell and God needed a way to reconcile man to himself he had the word witch is the body because words are definition limits and form. That’s why God the father created with authority through the Word with Wisdom the heavens and earth. Because the word is limits and form witch is the body of God and was sent to earth where he submitted himself the the authority of God the father. To die for our sins and rise bodily again to ascend to heaven and send the spirit (the communion between God the father soul and God the son Body) witch was love and knowledge to comfort us and guide us through our souls so that we may be made in his image. Witch gives God three personages… Anyways that is the basics of it and I don’t know if I’m missing a big theological point or if I’m right I have just always had a poor understanding of the whole three is one and one is three until now and I don’t want to continue on a false assumption

(Andrew Bulin) #2

This is an interesting concept in my opinion from the standpoint of how much like God are we, and how God has interacted with humankind and the rest of creation in different functional roles.

Being made in the image of God is not the same as God, especially after the fall. The likeness or image is a copy, where mankind was intended to have free-will, reason, relationship, and creative intelligence and desire. I like how Gordon Wenham explains:

[…] it must be observed that man is made “ in the divine image,” just as the tabernacle was made “ in the pattern.” This suggests that man is a copy of something that had the divine image, not necessarily a copy of God himself. Exod 25:9, 40 states that the earthly tabernacle was modeled on the heavenly […]

Gordon J. Wenham, Genesis 1-15 in Word Biblical Commentary , vol. 1 (Waco: Word Books, 1987), 32.

God’s relationship and perceived function to all creation (besides creator) is supreme ruler, described well in human terms as a “king.”

Psalm 10:16 NASB

The LORD is King forever and ever; Nations have perished from His land.

Isaiah 37:16 NASB

"O LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, who is enthroned above the cherubim, You are the God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth.

In the likeness and image of God, humankind was also designed with some semblance of authority and divinity. However, unlike God, humans are limited in power, holiness, and changelessnes, as all will one day die.

Psalm 82:6-7 NASB

[6] I said, "You are gods, And all of you are sons of the Most High. [7] “Nevertheless you will die like men And fall like any one of the princes.”

Though God made us in His image, we do not possess the same triune relationship of three persons in one being. Made in the limited image of God, humankind does not possess (nor need) all the attributes of God as He did not design us in that way before the fall. Even after creating humankind in a limited image, it was made good and prefect. Once we reach heaven, we will be made complete after the fall, not by gaining all those attributes, but by being perfected in our limited images, while being with Him who is greater and supplants all that we are. Otherwise, if we are destined to be triune as God is, then I’m not sure how to explain how we will not also be our own God the Father, Christ the Son and Holy Spirit once we are perfected in heaven.

(Josh) #3

I don’t think that we would be triune like God in having a perfect union with self. I agree that we are limited in our being created and are not meant to be God but an image of God. That is where I get the notion of him being three in one as we are or rather we are as he is. He made us in his likeness in miniature. We are not God nor should we expect to be but I do believe we are mini “gods” psalms 82: 6-7 God in three is different then us being three beings in one he can be all attributes in all tree beings but it’s what I see as the closest explanation I don’t have much time to elaborate I would love to go deeper in this later tho