Upcoming: Understanding and Answering Islam 2019 — Individual and Group Livestream

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RZIM’s 2019 Understanding ​and ​Answering Islam ​summit ​will ​explore ​the ​question ​of ​freedom ​by ​comparing ​the ​Christian ​and ​Muslim ​views ​of ​freedom. ​We ​will ​consider ​the ​huge ​implications ​that ​follow ​from ​these ​views—for ​individuals ​and ​for ​societies—while ​helping ​each ​other ​to ​think ​through ​how ​the ​concept ​of ​freedom ​provides ​an ​open ​door ​to ​share ​Christ ​with ​Muslim ​and ​secular ​friends.

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