Upcoming: Understanding and Answering Islam 2019 — Individual and Group Livestream

(RZIM Premium Content) #1

RZIM’s 2019 Understanding ​and ​Answering Islam ​summit ​will ​explore ​the ​question ​of ​freedom ​by ​comparing ​the ​Christian ​and ​Muslim ​views ​of ​freedom. ​We ​will ​consider ​the ​huge ​implications ​that ​follow ​from ​these ​views—for ​individuals ​and ​for ​societies—while ​helping ​each ​other ​to ​think ​through ​how ​the ​concept ​of ​freedom ​provides ​an ​open ​door ​to ​share ​Christ ​with ​Muslim ​and ​secular ​friends.

To purchase individual or group livestream access, please follow this simple process:

  1. Create an account on RZIM Connect (click the “Sign Up” button in the top right of your browser).

  2. Complete your purchase:

Immediately after completing your purchase, you will have access to the Understanding and Answering Islam 2019 community.

Our website has additional information about this conference.

Understanding and Answering Islam 2019: Free Livestream
Communicating Salvation to a Muslim
(Eden Camarillo) #3

Hi. I’d like to purchase access to the livestream. However, with the time difference wouldnt allow me. Will I be able to download or view the discussion afterwards?

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Yes, you will have ongoing access to the livestream. At this time, our plans are to allow for continual access to the conference videos for the foreseeable future. So, you should be able to watch the videos anytime you would like to do so.

(Timothy Frost) #5

Will there be a link to notes from the presenters as there has been in the past?

(Kevin Abshire) #6

Hello Timothy,

Thank you for your question.

Yes, we will post speakers notes in thread under the Understanding and Answering Islam 2019 topic. Our goal is to have the notes uploaded a week prior to the start of the conference.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Grace and Peace

(Timothy Frost) #7


(Ching Zen Wong) #8

Is there a list of venues that is life-streaming the conference this year? I remember that in previous years, there was a list of venues that participants could contact and participate.

(Michel) #9

Hello, could you explain more about the group livestream?

(Paul Luciano) #10

I recently registered and paid for an online video, i.e., Understanding & Answering
Islam but can not find a way to actually watch it …
Can you help. UAI2019

thank you,

Paul L.

(Carson Weitnauer) #11

Hi @pluciano,

Great question! The videos will be posted here:

Once the conference begins next Friday, on January 11th.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

(Brandon Jeffers) #12


The UAI Conference offers a couple of different livestream options. The individual livestream is for anyone who will be watching alone while the group livestream is for a group of any size who will be watching together. For the group registration, you can simply register once; you don’t need a list of specific individuals who will be participating. Hopefully this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

(Gideon Ren) #13

Hi hello,

I am having difficulties trying to complete the transaction. Was trying to purchase the Individual Livestream option. Got directed to PayPal, and then this message showed up:

“To comply with international regulations, this transaction has been declined.”

Not sure what this means. (Am from Singapore)

(Carson Weitnauer) #14

Hi @gideonren,

I very much regret that our PayPal account doesn’t enable some international transactions.

Please contact our Prayer and Resources department by calling 800-448-6766 or 770-449-6766. They can take your credit card number and run the payment. Then, we’ll add you to the UAI conference so you can watch the livestream.

I hope we will be able to facilitate this experience for you!

(DuffBrowne) #15

I have registered, and was sent an email from the RegOnline folks with links, but I did not receive any “invitation” to join Connect, nor did my wife who is registered. I finally just created this account, but of course, it’s not connected to the registration, so we can’t view any of our materials. I’m a bit disappointed in how the experience is going thus far. What does one need to do in order to get the invitation to join Connect, or at least for me to get my account connected (ha ha) with the on-site attendee’s record?

(Carson Weitnauer) #16

Hi @DuffBrowne,

I apologize for the disappointment! We will take care of you. I’ve added you to the group now and you should have access to the conference materials here:

Please send me a note with your wife’s account information and I’ll be sure to add her too!

I look forward to meeting you this weekend!

(Maira Alexandra Dawe) #17

I am trying to apply a code to my purchase of this livestream but when I go through the process in PayPal, I don’t come across a place to place the code for my discount! How can I ensure that I get the discount?


(Carson Weitnauer) #18

Hi @Mdawe01,

Any discount codes are only available for in-person registrations. At this time, we are not offering discounts for the livestream. I hope this is clarifying and helpful.

(David Vermaak) #19

Hi @CarsonWeitnauer,

I’m attending the UAI2019 conference, signed up under my work account I think.

Is there a way to merge the 2 under my normal account and will I have access to the videos post conference or do I need to purchase those additionally?

Many thanks!


(Carson Weitnauer) #20

Hi @David_Vermaak,

Please send me a private message and we will get your two accounts merged. Just let me know the username for both accounts and which one you want to be the remaining account.

The archived videos will be available to you for the indefinite future: