Hello, I’m Vahatra. I’m from Madagascar.
I just completed the core module recently.
I hope to learn more and more about our faith, grow in it and learn how to share it with unbelievers.


Welcome aboard @Vahatra. Glad to have you joining from Madagascar and congratulations on completing the core module. How did you like it? What was your favorite part of the course? I look forward to reading your posts and how you share some of the fundamentals and foundations that you learned in the core module. I hope you enjoy the community. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Vahatra and welcome. Also, well done on completing the core module. The only thing I really know about Madagascar is from watching all the amazing nature documentary’s filmed in your land. Some cool animals. Really look forward to learning with you and interacting through this community :smiley:.



Thank you Keldon. I really loved it specially the question and answers video, the lesson about morality and evil… I did the course in french and I still have difficulties to express myself in english but I hope that I can participate and regularly here and learn from you too.
God bless you too


Thank you Bryan. Yes, my land is very cool mostly for the amazing nature :smiley: but there are so many sad aspect too (socially, economically and spiritually speaking).
Looking forward to interact with you all too :slight_smile:


Vahatra, it is a pleasure to see you here on connect. Our diverse group striving for one mind one accord in Christ seeking His truth, welcome and please join in the friendship and openness to share freely. May His face shine upon you and give you peace.

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