Vanessa Tavele

Hello my name is Vanessa

I’m living in country Victoria Australia, I’m a country girl who avoids cities as much as possible.

I am going through my ‘second chance’ stage of life (my children have left home), studying a bachelor of Information Studies online at Uni. I have been searching for a way to use my studies to serve God.

I would like to participate in conversations and I have experiences in different cultures so maybe sharing these.
I have questions regarding giftings and how to recognise them.


@vtavele Hi Vanessa! Welcome to Connect—thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself to the community:) It sounds like you are in a season of fresh learning and growth…and that Connect could be a great place for you to explore, grow, ask your questions, and share your insights. So happy to have you with us—thank you for sharing this season of study with us as you focus on serving the Lord with all your heart, strength, and mind!


Hi Vanessa, how did you find your way here to connect? Sounds like you are a well informed, educated individual seeking to be used for His glory. There are many discussions taking place here. Please join in as little or as much as you like? So glad you came, enjoy the friendship, fellowship, and love.


@vtavele Nice to meet you!


Welcome Vanessa, from Australia :australia:

I am so glad you found RZIM Connect, your experience with different cultures will be a blessing indeed as you engage in the vast topics available here. The forums set the stage, to ask your questions and exchange views with others.

What all does this “second chance” stage look like for you, because it sounds like a grand new adventure?

Every week on Connect we have a different RZIM affiliate answer your questions, this would be a great question to pose to Matthew Mittelberg, who is this weeks on connect.

I have shared his link below, to make the journey a bit easier.

Ask Matthew Mittelberg (March 9-13, 2020)

Enjoy connect and happy asking. :tulip:


Welcome aboard @vtavele. It is good having you join us from Australia. Thank you for your interest and desire to have meaningful discussions and using your talents and experiences to benefit those here at connect. I wish you the best at finding certain responses/answers to the questions that you have. This is the forum to do explore. If there are special questions or areas of interest please do not hesitate to ask. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to Connect Vanessa! From one country girl to another. While I grew up in towns all my life I always wanted to live in the country and we now have 41 acres in the hills of southern Indiana! We once had the privilege of visiting your beautiful country and to my surprise how much it reminded me of the American Midwest/West! We were in the Melbourne area. Do you raise any animals or garden?

It is so wonderful that you are using your “second chance” in life to improve yourself for God’s service. In that season we are a bit more wise and find a little more time on our hands like we never did before, so what better way to use it? We are so glad you have joined us as we all learn together to better serve our Lord! :smile:


Hello Vanessa! :tipping_hand_woman: Welcome to the Connect community! We are so happy to have you here. :bouquet: