Say hello… Hi everyone!

Where are you from? I am from Louisiana but currently living in Phoenix AZ

What led you to join Connect? I listen to the RZIM podcasts to be more prepared to help believers and non-believers. Also to build on my foundation. I read the Bible daily, but needed more than just that and devotionals, and tv sermons, and Sunday church, etc. Needed even more.

How do you hope to contribute? I want share my questions and what I have learned.


Hi @VictoriousandLoved, when I read this from you, my only thought is: I hope you will do so! Each question and insight is a precious and valued gift in this community.



Welcome aboard @VictoriousandLoved. Glad you have decided to come alongside us and share your questions and your comments. If you had any one major question what would that be? I sincerely believe that you will enjoy the discussion threads here. The membership in many ways is so very well read and caring. Please do share when you feel led. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello Victoria @VictoriousandLoved
It a pleasure to have you with us. Its so great to see this kind of desires in people and especially when they passionately pursue them. @RZIM Connect you will definitely get more for your spiritual, intellectual and social growth and maturity among others. Be sure to explore connect, join the conversations and bless us with your contributions. You are welcome.
Grow in Grace.
With love from Nigeria.


Hey Victoria,

Louisiana to Phoenix… so you went from hot humid heat, to dry hot heat. :sweat_smile:

What had you move to Phoenix :question:
From your into it seems that you cannot get enough of God’s word, how wonderful is that!

Please do share your thoughts and questions, as Carson articulated so well,


Moved here after college and wedding to marine that was stationed in Yuma Arizona, few days after graduation.


I will post questions as they come. Many things have been answered through actual Bible reading, sermons, RZIM, Joseph Prince, Rabbi Lapin, etc.

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Please thank you husband for his service to this country. :us: How long have you been married, and what did you study in college?

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We have been married almost 19 years. I have a bachelor degree in Speech Pathology & Audiology. I am not working in that field. Tell me more about yourself. Any personal miracles or God moments you would like to share?

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Your field is an interesting one, I have recently learned more about it due t the fact that I work with a Speech & Language Pathologist. She is the Headmistress at the school I currently teach at.