Video chat: Skeptics Night

This weekend, I was listening to a recording of Skeptics Night, hosted by RZIM as a way to welcome candid questions. I was struck by how heartfelt both the intros and audience questions were. It’s a good listen!

Abdu Murray

If God was truly great, he would be uncompromisingly just. He would not compromise his justice. He would also be uncompromisingly merciful or forgiving. How is he both? How is God completely just and completey merciful?

The cross is the answer. Because God in fact does judge sin, but Jesus voluntarily takes it on Himself like a guarantor in the law. He says, “I will take on their payment for them, and he takes it to satisfy justice so that we can be forgiven of our sins if we accept what he has done for us on our behalf. Justice is satisfied. Mercy is granted, and neither is compromised.

Vince Vitale

Questions are how you get to know someone. It is the starting point of a relationship. If Abdu and I think the Christian God is a personal God, then questions are also the starting point of getting to know Him. They are the starting point of a relational God.

Does a jacket fit? Well, there are two ways to find out. I could check the measurements to see if it’s my size, or I could pick it up and put it on. I think both are important. Me personally? I probably never would have put that jacket on if I hadn’t looked into the measurements- the history, the philosophy, the cosmology, and the science- and seen that they were in the right vicinity. Ultimately, there is no substitute for picking that jacket up and trying it on.

Questions from the evening:

  • Doesn’t the Bible condone slavery, sexism, and genocide? (52 mins)
  • As a new Christian, how do I talk to my friends about Jesus? (1 h, 4 mins)
  • How does one know Christianity is the one true way in a world that thinks not one religion is superior to another and that all religions should co-exist? (1 h, 14 mins)
  • I have friends and colleagues who identify with the LGBTQ community who say they were born that way. How do I counter their claim? (1 h, 32 mins)
  • Why did God take my boss’ son? ‘Is my son paying for his sins, and why did my son have to die the way he did in a motorcycle accident?’ (1 h, 51 mins)

I’m curious if anyone who has listened to the Skeptics Night recording, or even just a part of it, has additional thoughts.

  1. What stood out to you about Abdu Murray’s and Vince Vitale’s testimonies? Is it similar or different to your own? Are there Bible verses or even general literature their intros brought to mind?
  2. Which of the audience members’ questions stood out to you, and why? Would you have responded similarly or differently?