Vijayakumar Joseph

Hello everyone. I live in Singapore and I follow RZIM for many years and had some opportunities to participate and host some RZIM events too in Singapore.

I lead a ministry called PROFIT (Professionals Fellowship of International Talents) that serves to equip Christian professionals to be effective witnesses for Christ in the workplace.

I find the discussions here relate to Everyday life and challenges and also the different perspectives on a topic from the RZIM facilitator and the group here. I hope to contribute by asking my questions and also provide my thoughts where possible.


Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: How wonderful to hear of your heart to reach Christians in the workforce, and I hope you will start conversations here on some of the topics you hear frequently with your ministry. Looking forward to learning more from you!


Welcome to Connect, @tvkjoseph! We’re glad you’ve joined us here, and we pray that this community will be one that strengthens and encourages you on your journey with God. :slight_smile: Were you able to be involved with the Festival of Thought that was held in Singapore a couple of months ago?


Welcome, @tvkjoseph!
So glad you’ve said “hello” :relaxed:
It’s really neat that you’ve hosted some RZIM events in Singapore!
Your ministry, PROFIT, sounds like an encouraging and unique opportunity for professionals.
So glad you’re a part of this community!

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Good to hear a little about you. Welcome to Connect. Hope you can find time to participate and contribute from your experiences which I am sure are diverse and will be valuable to us.

God bless,

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