Hello, my name is vincent from Kenya I have been in this forum for a while but had not gotten the courage to introduce my self. I am more of a reserved guy and like to keep to myself most of the time. I was brought up in a Christian background but got to know Christ on a personal level in high school. over the years since then, I have questioned my salvation a million and one times and at times still not able to answer all the questions logically. As a person, I am very inquisitive and struggle with the thing I can’t get a conclusive answer. I got to know about RZIM from Jhon Njoroge, who I believe is one of your speakers, in 2017 and since then have listened to most of Ravi’s sermons online. The sermons have been of great help to me and have enabled me to answer some of the most daunting questions about my faith and life. what Is most amazing is the more my questions get answered the more questions I get. I am still far from being contented with this faith. To be honest, I think my faith is hanging on a thread. I still hope I can save my faith and go back to that innocent faith I had in high school where I felt so comfortable serving a God I thought I had a real connection with.
I am hoping this forum will help me in my quest and at least get me a step closer home.


So glad you are here @Vincent! We all go through times of struggle in our faith. You will find Connect a warm and engaging place where you can ask questions and converse with other believers in a respectful and encouraging environment!

Here is how you can start a conversation!


Hi @Vincent,

I’m praying for you this afternoon.

I appreciate you taking the courage to introduce yourself in RZIM Connect. I’m encouraged and grateful that after observing for a while you felt like this would be a safe place to say hello and reach out. It is!

We consider every question a gift. Your doubts are okay here. You can ask five thousand questions in this community. In doing so, you will give courage and open up answers to many others. Let’s look at each doubt in a specific way. Let’s look at the evidence and reason together!

I believe God is pursuing you and drawing you to himself. My prayer for you is that you will feel an integration between your heart and your head, between your past and your present, and that you will have an intellectual confidence and spiritual fullness in knowing God.


Hi, @CarsonWeitnauer its night in this side of the world but thanks for your prayers. Hoping to learn more from this forum.


Welcome aboard @Vincent. Please know that you are with people who are your friends. Thank you for your candor. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and joining us. Seek and you will find. Please never stop. If you did what’s the answer on the other side of the coin? Never give up. Thank you for giving us the blessing of your presence here. My sense is that you will be a blessing to many here. God-bless you and your journey. May you questions be answered and my Jesus lead you to where you are supposed to be.


Hi @Vincent, welcome! Thank you so much for your introduction. You are not alone in your wrestling. We all go through those seasons. I will lift you up in prayer also :pray: I have found connect to be a loving environment and I trust you will find the same. Stay connected and keep us posted on your journey.


Hi Vincent!
I empathise with you as I have been (and some times I still) there several times in my Christian life.
Just let me express how I have deal with these issues of doubting/questioning: the key thing with faith is trust and every day makes me take a similar step: “trust the Lord”. We do not know everything and will never do in full (till we were in His presence), so keep asking but keep trusting as it is the only free way we can love our Lord in real. Mark 9:24 (in the New International Version): Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”
That’s the circle of love “I do belive” but “help me every day to overcome my unbelief!”
I hope this helps any way.
Blessings from Peru (South America),


Hello and welcome Vincent @Vincent
IT A PLEASURE meeting you. You are in the right place and please be free to share these questions with us. We consider questions and testimonies to be gifts to the community.

May God give you the grace to finding more of his purpose for your life in this home.
With love


Hi, welcome @Vincent, so glad to know you decided to introduce yourself.

I think what you feel is normal, one way or another we would experience that in our spiritual journey. From time to time I too found that every time I read the bible, the more I read, the more question I have.

Personal experience with a non believer and the struggle to try to introduce Jesus brought me here, a journey to really understand my faith and to share it with others.
I pray to God for you my friend. We’re all in this together.

Be blessed,



karibu sana Vincent
Nice to see another Kenyan on the platform


Thank you guys for all your warm welcome messages. I am really humbled by your love.