Virgin Birth Evidence

“But is there actual evidence (besides the bible written by men years after the fact) of Jesus being born to a virgin?”

This question was posed in the comments section of a video I made titled “Jesus among pagan gods”. I’m bringing to light the differences in the stories, one of which being the supposed virgin birth of Mithras and Horus.

At first I thought it was a good question, but now I think it’s a little silly to discount the witness testimony of the disciples whom would have known Jesus’ mother.

How would you respond to this question?


Hey Victoria @Victoria, good question. So when you mentioned the other gods, I remembered the movie called zeitgeist, that tried to claim that Jesus birth was the same as the other gods and that Christianity was all made up. Here is a response to that movie.

The main message of the reply video is that all the other gods never had the same story as Jesus. They only convoluted the story to make it look similar. The definition of virgin birth, resurrection from the dead etc are alll changed, and when you truly compare them in detail, it doesnt even come close to comparing oranges and apples :wink:.

I hope this helps.
God Bless You.


Hey. Thank you for your answer, I’ll watch the video! And how would you respond to the question I was asked? I quoted it at the beginning of my message. Here it is again:

“But is there evidence (besides the bible written by men years after the fact) of Jesus being born to a virgin?”


Hey Victoria @Victoria,

So I encourage if anyone else knows other evidences or has some other thoughts but I will say the following.

  1. If you look at the Jewish culture, it was veryyy crucial that every girl was a virgin. It was taken soo highly and it was a disgrace to the entire family and to God. Moses law also forbids any premartial sex and if someone forced a girl or in agreement had sex, they were forced to get married. Now in the story of Jesus, both Mary’s family and Joseph were devote and Joseph, when he found out that Mary was pregnant, he was going to call off the wedding. It was only because of the angel that he changed his mind when he told him that it was from God.

  2. Also, to get a clarification on your question, are you asking if Mary was a virgin before she gave birth to Jesus or is the question implying that Jesus was a creation of sperm and egg. If it is the first one, her being virgin or not does not matter as long as we acknowledge that Jesus was placed in her womb without an actual intercourse via God (even if for some odd reason, Mary was not a virgin prior). If the question is the second one, it is implying that Jesus is not God, because created things are not gods but idols. As you know Jesus is the eternal God who was there before the world as the Son. So the answer would be if you believe that Jesus rose from the dead and is God, then you would come to the conclusion that it cant be.

Now these things were prophesied way before Christ that he would come via a virgin birth, like you said yourself there is the people around them who know the history. At the same time though, somethings just cant be proven and sometimes you have to look at the coherence of the story, have to connect other dots and look at the big picture to arrive to your conclusions.

John Lennox had this great quote he mentioned that was said by Alex Vilenken (well known physicist),

“An argument is what convinces reasonable men, and a proof is what it takes to convince even an unreasonable man”

I hope this helps.
God Bless.


Hey, @Victoria - no, I do not know of anything outside of the Bible about Jesus being born of a Virgin.

I think your last statement was very insightful - it is silly to discount the witness of the diciples who would have known Jesus’ mother personally.