Vishal Palli

Say hello…
Hi! Praise The Lord.

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?
I first saw Dr. Ravi Zachariah’s debate on YouTube a year ago. In India we have a Christian sermon broadcasting channel ‘Aradana’, in which a sermon of Brother Ravi. After that I have been a thorough RZIM radio broadcast on Google podcasts. After Passing away Brother Ravi, in order share condolences led me here.

How do you hope to contribute?
I hope attend course and podcast to understand God and to follow Christ, my Lord and my saviour.


Hi @Chiku welcome from your sister in Scotland.


Welcome Vishal Palli,

As with Ravi, you are another blessing of the Lord out of India, with a voice to speak the gospel truth.

God bless.


Hi Palli @Chiku,
What a blessing to again see Ravi-Ji message continue to touch and bring many to seek answers. I am sure your journey will lead to a revelation that will give meaning to your life.
The power in the Lord is far-reaching and he will gather his children. This site is founded on Love and caring of a man dedicated to Jesus Christ and as you seek, you will see the Love and blessings of our Lord through the many here.
Looking forward to sharing with you. BTW, I’m from Malaysia but my father was born in India.
Welcome and God Bless


Welcome Vishal.

Great to have you here.

Grace and peace.


Welcome to connect @Chiku. Thank you for joining our mission. I hope you get to engage in some great discussions and be edified by them. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @CWol, my sister , Praise the Lord

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Hi @Curious, Praise the Lord , Thank you for hearing my voice.

@aakaeluThank you. Let God’s Peace be with you too.

@aakaeluPraise The Lord!

Praise The Lord! @LukeShori . God Bless You Brother.

Praise The Lord! @Keldon_Scott.
Thank You for letting me know about RZIM connect and having me in your mission. Stay Blessed Brother.