Vuyiswa Keyi

(Vuyiswa Keyi) #1

God’s grace to you all. I’m not sure why I’m asked to introduce myself again. Must be because something went wrong with my logging in

I’m glad to be a part of RZIM Connect and RZIM Alumni. Not sure how these two connect. So I’m still struggling with figuring out how it switches back and forth. Trusting that I’ll stay connected and not lose the log in process again.

In Christ

By the way, I’m a South African living in Toronto presently. I completed the Core Module recently.

This is not a new topic.

(Stephen Wuest) #2

Welcome, anyway!

I am the son of missionaries to the Far East. So I am interested in the thoughts of Christians who were not born into the American culture.

Stephen Wuest

(Tony Mercurio) #3

Welcome, Vuyiswa. Grace to you as well. I hope you figure out your tech issues. RZIM Connect and RZIM Academy are completely different platforms, even if they might share a database field or two. I wouldn’t worry about it, but I would definitely keep your separate login credentials written down, and try to recover them if you don’t currently have them.