Wafaa Tanious

Hello everyone
I was born in Alexandria / Egypt. But I migrated to Australia in my late 20th.
I have a personality that don’t accept things as they are. I have a searching mind and appreciate logical and good teaching. Couple of decades back I got across a talk for Ravi Zacharias. Since then, he became my favorite speaker. Admittedly, I find it hard sometimes to understand him because English is my second language but I try my best. I have done 2 modules with RZIM and look forward to do more.
As most people whose searching for the truth, the more I dig in the more questions I come up with. So it’s great to be in a community that have the same mindset who’s trying to understand and explain things about faith, life, after life and so on.
I’m grateful for each one who’s part of this community and for those who’re patiently and graciously sharing their knowledge, faith and life experience.
Thank you professor Ravi and thank you the team of RZIMCONNECT.


Welcome! @wafaatanious

What a bliss to here from you. Am so encouraged by your searching spirit… And how you have chosen to pursue the Truth.

RZIM Academy has really transformed lives across the globe. I have just completed the Doctrine Elective and it seems as if I have never even started… Always Longing and hungry for MORE. So What elective have you taken?

Am looking forward to be blessed by your contributions…

Many Blessings.
From Nigeria


Hi John. Thank you for your kind words. I have done the core module and science elective. I found the science elective very challenging and looking forward to listen to the lectures again when they release them in this space.
All the best for your future study


Welcome aboard @wafaatanious. So glad you have joined connect. Your inquiring mind was give as a gift to you. I too have a similar trait. The Lord has been so faithful. Just the availability of the Core Module and the electives have given firm foundation for our faith journeys. I am happy to see another academy alum join. It will be a blessing to this forum to have you with us - sharing not only your questions but providing that guiding light that connects those here to a closer relationship with Jesus - getting that mind and heart connected in unity and purpose. Together - til the whole world hears.


Hi @wafaatanious welcome to connect! It’s introductions like yours that make me thankful that I have invested in this ministry. Ravi’s ministry and the entire team just keep on giving and drawing people to the truth :pray: I really look forward to hearing more from you. You have inspired me :heart:


Dear Kel,
Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I loved the core module. It helped me to articulate my faith in a frame that people can relate to. The science elective was very challenging as I don’t have a scientific mind. I didn’t regret doing it as I had lots of questions in my christian faith I left unanswered. The science elective helped me to have some answers and put me on the right track to gain more knowledge. I look forward to have more conversations in the future.


Dear Sig, I’m very grateful to your ministry and the ministry of RZIM. since I immigrated to Australia 28 years ago and I observed how the culture became more secular and the foundation of the Judeo Christian structure has been challenged in every part of the society. I remember trying to find any kind of courses to equip myself but I couldn’t. So when I found RZIM I was overjoyed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I used to work for a newspaper company. On my many nights of checking on delivery of papers I was always loved listening to Dr Zacharias’ Program. I only could retain just a little of his talks but I was always so blessed. God is so to us to have RZIM available for those in search of knowing God intimately.