Hey there!

I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I joined Connect because I wanted to be part of a community that tackled the toughies while still being cordial and genuine.

I’m pretty conversant and love soaking up new ideas and insights while going back to Scripture to test things. I was very interested in apologetics from a pretty young age, not just for the sake of helping others but for the sake of helping myself.

I have a very interesting experience with the church and Christianity. I mean, I am a pastor’s kid so there’s all that drama, lol. I’m about to head off to college/university, and I wanted to make sure I had a firm grasp on what I really believed. But I suppose the main reason I’m into theology is my art! I’m a writer and the imaginative premises and ideas that have come to me from the Biblical worldview excite me! I want to communicate those rich truths in my stories and songs. So I’m also interested in meeting fellow creative theologians here! :joy:


Welcome to Connect @Wanda, unfortunately, I do not have an artistic bone in my body, but two of my daughters are very artistic. What an exciting time you are at in your life, heading off to college and being so grounded in your faith. I look forward to hearing more from you in Connect :handshake:


Thank you for the warm welcome, Brian!


@Wanda Nice to meet you!


Thank you. I see that you’re an academy alumni. How’s the course?

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HelloWanda, your intro quote speaks alot. His word is discerner of truth and all must pass the test of His word. It is sad but there is much almost truth out there. We can seek truth here with all other seekers.


Hi Wanda! Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I’m glad you joined Connect. I like your cheerful introduction and also your attitude to the Bible.

Both are important and help to come to a healthy and sound faith. In the forums you can ask your questions and exchange your views with others. If you want to learn more about apologetics, the RZIM Core Module might be interesting for you. I look forward to hearing from you :+1:


Welcome Wanda, :cherry_blossom:

What an exciting time in your life, heading off to University, and by joining connect, you will be

You mentioned an interesting experience with church and Christianity, would you be willing to share what that journey looked like?

I look forward to reading your creative stories and ideas on connect. :tulip:


@Wanda I thought it was good. I’m also planning on taking some electives. Were you thinking of taking the Core Module?


I want to look into it more, but yeah! That’s the idea. :grin::laughing:


Thanks for the welcome, Mike! I am thoroughly convinced of the Bible as the Source of Truth, even though I wrestle with certain verses every other day. But I guess that all that searching is the fun part! Discovery is exciting and the Bible is full of hidden gems.

I look forward to interacting with you on here, fellow Truth Seeker! (insert salute emoji) :laughing:


Thanks so much, Daniel. I’ll definitely check it out. I look forward to sharing and gleaning from you awesome folks. :grin:

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Hello Wanda, Welcome to Connect! :wave:
Definitely check out the Core Module! You will not regret it. :wink: I took the course this summer and words cannot explain how much I learned, grew, and continue to reap the benefits of taking the Core Module. It is truly a life changer. :smiley: If you have any questions, please let me know! :bouquet:


Welcome to Connect, @Wanda! I hope you find this community a blessing, a resource, and an encouragement as you continue your journey of loving Christ and engaging with culture.

I have some similar aspirations. I often find myself in creative nonfiction, but little yarns of fiction fray out around my edges for sure. I have been too busy to do much writing (besides for my recently finished masters degree) but I love using words to open new possibilities for those thinking about faith and reality.

So…hello:) Nice to make your acquaintance, Wanda!


Oh my! I wasn’t aware that you could share artistic content here. That would be cool if I could do that. I would love to share what I have with you.

Whew, well my experience with Christianity has been quite a journey. I’m a pastor’s kid, so that has had it’s whole set of drama. (Interestingly enough, my first to-be published book is a fictional commentary on what it’s like to be a PK).

The church I’m at is pretty charismatic, although they don’t care that much for the name. They prefer to study Scripture and build community. A lot of doctrine heavy or social programs.

It’s actually a really good church. But like I said, being a PK has been hard. The experience is just different than the local parishioner.

On top of that I’ve been homeschooled in a Christian curriculum. (The doctrine it taught was Southern Baptist. I took what was helpful and left out what wasn’t.)

Anyways, most people know about the whole PK-snap. That time when the supposed good child just loses it and rebels. I rebelled in subtle ways, though. I started questioning a lot in my youth group. Sometimes I got good answers, most times I was (or felt like I was) treated as a nuisance who was trying to disprove faith so she could skat.

But I wasn’t. I just really wanted truth. (At some point during this searching phase I was also introduced to Calvinism which, safe to say, took me on the worst rollercoaster ride of my emotional life. Seriously. I found atheistic objections less existentially threatening. Scratch that–I found literally any other worldview less existentially threatening. Postscript, I’m still not a Calvinist and don’t think I will ever be, but either way, if you love Jesus, you love Jesus, y’know? I’ll see you in heaven either way. :laughing:)

Anyways, growing up is still pretty hard. I feel like I’d been in Neverland my whole life and now I had discovered dingy, stinky London. (No offense to the English. I just really love Peter Pan).

Life is way more complicated than it used to be, but then again, I guess that’s what discovery is all about. I could either be threatened by it or excited by it. I choose the latter.

Also, also, I don’t want to be so stuck on finding truth that I don’t live it out. Two things I know for all my short years is that no one knows everything and life is meant for living.

So I’m trying to have that balance even as I go to college. Learning and living and living what I learn.

It’s tough, but it ain’t boring!

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