Was Rahab brought out of Jericho before or after the walls fell?

In Jishua 6:22 did this take place before or after the walls fell?

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your interesting question. It seems that the original text in Hebrew does not explicitly give us specific information on when the Rahab’s rescue took place. That is why we need to make an inference based on the context, but not many commentators seem to explore the timeline in detail. Regarding Joshua 6:22-27, The Interpreter’s Bible Commentary says, “In a typical narrative frame, the end of the story of Jericho returns to its beginning,” which suggests that the rescue was happening before or during the fall of the wall. I personally do not have any argument against this interpretation.

The reason many commentators are less passionate about pinpointing the exact timeline is perhaps that the text is ambiguous and the theological implication is less consequential. What is fascinating is the fact that God was not merciless in dealing with the people who had rebelled against Him, and moreover, Rahab ends up in the family line of Christ (Matthew 1:5). What an amazing rescue story God has shown us beyond our imagination!