Hi there, I’m Wassim and I live in Australia. I knew about RZIM from an event that was held in June 2019, and decided ever since to pursue a knowledge and exploration of my own towards studying apologetics. I’m counting on finding the answers I’m looking for here as well as, hopefully, help others find theirs.


Hello, Wassim, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: It’s great to hear of your hunger to know God more deeply. I look forward to reading your questions and answers. Keep digging more deeply into knowing God- He will not disappoint!


Welcome aboard @wzag. Glad you were able to attend in June. What answers do you hope to find here? There are so many caring and well read members here. I am confident you will be blessed with the dialogue you have. God-bless you and your journey as you enjoy this life the Lord has bestowed upon you.


Hi @wzag
Great to have you join connect from Australia.
Am happy to feel the hunger and longing in you, to grow in the knowledge of Christ Jesus. And to help serve others.
Looking forward to read more from your end.

From Nigeria