Watchman Albert

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Hello everyone. I am Watchman Albert. I am from Ghana-West Africa and I look forward to enjoying the company of my fellow Christians worldwide. I hope to contribute by answering question within the scope of my knowledge and also learn more from you guys…Thanks alot.

(Sieglinde) #2

Welcome @Watchman *:heart:

(Keith Moore) #3

Welcome @Watchman. Look forward to seeing your responses to some of the questions.

(Olivia Davis) #4

Hi Watchman! Welcome to Connect. We’re glad that you are here. I’ve learned a lot from RZIM Connect and I’m sure that as you answer questions and perhaps pose some of your own, you’ll grow while also enjoying, like you said, the company of Christians all over the world. I look forward to reading your contributions!

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(Heidi Mitchell) #5

Welcome, Watchman!

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