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Watchman Nee


I am trying to understand the teachings of Watchman Nee. I have read an article presenting his teachings to be troubling. What is the stand of RZIM concerning the teachings of Watchman Nee?

Thank you very much.


I cannot speak for RZIM. I am just a community member. I have not read anything by Watchman but a quick scan of this website, he looks solid and he was martyred for the faith. He died in a Chinese jail because he professed Christ. Am I missing something?

Hi, @dvdestabillo! First, I would like to say welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

Adding to what @Jimmy_Sellers said concerning RZIM’s stance–that we do not speak for RZIM–the Connect community is a safe space provided by RZIM for like-minded believers from around the world to come together to ask and respond to questions about anything related to the Christian faith and evangelism so that we can grow and learn together :slight_smile:

In regard to your question, is the article that troubles you online, and if it is, would you be able to provide the URL so that we can take a look at it in order to be able to help you better? What specific teachings of Nee’s are troubling to you?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi David,

I understand one main objection to Nee’s teaching has been controversy around the “Local Church” movement (technical term, not merely a local church) which Nee expounded. I believe at one point the movement emphasized that biblically there should be only the Local Church in any geographic region/city, and that all other churches there were wayward or illicit. For this reason, the Local Church movement has given rise to controversy and various parties evaluated it as a cult.

However, Fuller Theological Seminary entered into a dialogue with the group to seek understanding of Nee’s teachings (including regarding Local Churches) which have apparently been misconstrued. Their statement from 2006 can be examined here. Several years later, some well-known believers who previously found the movement to be cult-like apparently issued new statements saying they have reassessed the movement and were wrong in their former conclusions.

Apart from this, I have heard Nee’s writings to be challenging—but have only read brief excerpts myself. Would you be able to share what particular teachings the article you read found suspect, so the community here could share some constructive thoughts?

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