Wayne m myhre

Say hello…hello

Where are you from? Saint Paul Minnesota, now Vancouver WA

What led you to join Connect? article on numerology

How do you hope to contribute? my20+year study of bible chronology (my book, From Creation to Christ: Understanding the Bible’s Chronology 2019 Lulu Press + 2 more on bible history)


Hi Wayne! @waykoala7
Welcome to Connect- your books sound very interesting!
So glad you are here, and hope you feel compelled to contribute much of that Bible Chronology wisdom in the forums. :relaxed:


Hello Wayne,
Glad you found this forum. God has so many amazing ways of helping us understand the truths of the Bible and His map of history. I hope your couriosity is sweetened and your wisdom is sharpened as you discover the many good people who pursue the truth. I look forward to reading some of your posts.


Welcome aboard @waykoala7. From Creation to Christ: Understanding the Bible’s Chronology? Congrats. I saw that was recently published. product_thumbnail Would love to hear more about that 20 year journey. What drove you to write that book? I hope you enjoy your time. God-bless you and your journey.


Wow, very interesting @waykoala7, welcome to connect. Congrats on the book! I look forward to your thoughts and insight here in this forum. Enjoy browsing and engaging when you feel led :pray:

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Hello, Wayne! Nice to meet you.