Wayne Neufeld

Say hello…Hi

Where are you from? From Yorkton Saskatchewan Canada

What led you to join Connect? I have followed Ravi now for quite a few year. I am/was working my way through the 12 DVD series to learn. Along story short, I worked for/with my dad in a family business that consumed most of my time. This affected my life with my family, friends and God. Nothing was more important then my dad. Within 5.5 years both of my parents have died, I was let go from my job last year and I just turned 60. It is now that I have time. For many years now I have wanted learn, to learn more of my Bible, learn to share my faith and why, to have a better relationship with God, learn to be the father I should have been. But one of my biggest problem is that it is really hard for me to talk, extremely hard. One of the top 3 things I want to be able to do with what life I have left is to be able to talk to people, if all I can do is just show them that somebody care about them, that’s fine, but doing that will be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I have talked to God about this and He knows how I feel but nothing has changed as of yet. I am going to go through the 12 DVD’s and I will learn and I will see if God will use me or not.
What has lead me to RZIM Connect is being able to read to questions and answers to help me think, help me think things through.
Sorry if this was more than what was asked for.

How do you hope to contribute? I really don’t think I can contribute. I am not a learned man, I have difficulty in expressing thoughts clearly so others can understand. Through Connect I am learning how to think and to formulate my thoughts.


Hi Wayne! Welcome to RZIM connect :smiley:
I’m new here too! Thanks for sharing - I’m sorry about the tough situations you went through! I’m glad you’re here though. Not all of us are great at talking but I’ve seen God do some amazing things with and through people who least expected it! I hope this platform will be one which will help you in the areas you’re hoping to grow in. God bless you!


One of the things I really like to see as I have seen on RZIM Connect is the geography of all the people. They’re from everywhere and it seems to me that, that has at times some influence on their question that I would have never thought of. That’s a good thing.
Thanks for all the welcomes


Hey Wayne! I’m new here as well. I’m happy to see you here despite the tough times you’ve gone through. Although I am only twenty years old and have not been through the hardships that you have, both of us can still be glad that we have Jesus as our redeemer and our source of hope. I hope to learn much more about Jesus and His Word as well. I hope I see you around brother!


Welcome to connect @ct60. So glad to have you. Thank you for being humble and being willing to go out on the proverbial limb to help. I think you could start right off the bat just encouraging new members or offering a favorable or guiding word to somebody that might be struggling. Each of us have a purpose and your humility and care is a great add to connect. I look forward to reading your posts and understanding your journey. God-bless you and your faith path.

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Hi Wayne!
I’m Aldo Ventura, from Lima-Peru! I’m 53, school teacher (Language and Literature) and passionate about learning about the Lord and all what is related to faith and thinking in a sensible manner. I hope we can have some conversations and exchange!
Blessings and we are in touch!


@ct60 Welcome to the Rzim connect family. I hope you will be greatly edified and the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened throughout your stay here. God bless you richly

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