We all know about the last supper was there a first supper Ex 24 9:11?

(Jimmy Sellers) #1

If we teach that the last supper was to commemorate the New Covenant was there a first supper to commemorate the first covenant the giving of the law?
These verse certainly sound official. I would be interested in what was the significance of the 70?
Did they really see God? Did they eat and drink with Yahweh?
Am I the only one that has never made this connection?

Be interested in your thoughts.

(SeanO) #2

@Jimmy_Sellers Wow, that is a deep question. I guess when I think of the first supper I immediately think of the Passover meal because it is connected to the sacrificial blood of the lamb and deliverance from Egypt, just as Christ delivered us from our sins by His blood. I guess to me this looks more like the first Mount of Transfiguration?