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We Have Access to God

In today’s Take Five, RZIM Canada’s Alanzo Julian Paul continues exploring the theme of beauty by looking at what happened in the immediate aftermath of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, when he touched an outcast leper and demonstrated his willingness to get involved in the messiness of our lives.

Jesus, God in flesh, rather than staying on the mountain, comes down from the mountain; the unaccessible now becoming accessible.

We need touch. So this text is extraordinarily relevant to our culture and our day, which is experiencing an epidemic of loneliness.

What is so beautiful about our text is not so much that Jesus possesses the power to cleanse, but rather His willingness to get involved in the messiness of our lives.

Make it Personal

  • Has this pandemic revealed for you the need for physical interaction with others? What does that say about us as humans? About our culture?

  • How might we demonstrate the love of Christ by getting involved in the “messiness” of life?

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Hi Joshua

Thanks for the video and questions. I can remember hearing a story the other day of a mother talking about her son who had committed suicide during the self-isolation period, due to the pandemic. Part of the great sadness from this story was that the mother knew that her son, who had struggled with drug abuse and depression for a number of years, would not be able to last for a week or two without having the support of friends and family around him. This story and others has shown me the great depth of the need we as people have for close and intimate interaction with loved ones. We are made to be relational, with God, but also with our fellow man. In actual fact, the greatest way that we show our love for God is through how we love those made in His image. If we don’t love our brother who we can see, how can we love God who we cannot see (1 John 4:20). I believe part of being human is therefore the need to be able to express love, not just to receive it. For the leper in the passage that Alanzo Julian Paul read from in Matthew 8, he would have suffered not only from the lack of love towards him, but also in the ability to express his desire to love. Jesus in this passage brings healing to both of this mans needs.

I think we as Christians are called into the messy situations. We are called to be sacrificial because we also realize our lives have no end. Because Christ lives, so do we. For me, I know I don’t love enough, I know I lack so much of Christ’s character, and struggle to go to where things might be ‘messy and dirty’. So I pray that I might be able to be obedient to God’s call to love, however messy the situation and however broken the people may be, and to never lose sight of the true value that every human possesses.

God bless :slightly_smiling_face:

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