Weapons of warfare

I love to write poetry, the 1st line of this poem i have written I credit to brother Ravi Zacharias. I thank you for this beautiful ministry that has sprung forth and all the efforts RZIM puts into knowing and defending the truth

Weapons of warfare piling up, Locked in a closet but ready to drop, one turn of a key and all the bombs fall, one twitch of a finger and the whole world stops, the powers that be, swaying the world, spewing their hatred, plotting the hurdles, pitting man against man, the war machine grinds, eating up young men one gun at a time, look all around buildings turn into dust, the evil of man living in the bloodlust, the morticians busy, bring in the dead, tagged on the toe with a sheet on the head, all of the while bombs continue to drop, foundations are shaking, when will it stop? when he comes on the clouds riding on the white horse, when he brings us deliverance, removing the curse, when he shows up in glory to bring judgement of sin, the truth will prevail, the love will begin


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