Wedding banquet parable in Matt 22

In Matt 22: vs 11-14 there is this strange segue into a man at the wedding not dressed in wedding clothes and he gets thrown out. Is this “wedding clothes” as in he is going to be married (as the bride of Christ) or something else? Obviously this isn’t literal but it just seems so random from the shocked response of"How did you get in here without wedding clothes?" to the man himself being speechless. It all wraps up with" many are invited , but few are chosen." Perhaps this is a mystery I am not meant to understand right now…it just is strange!


@plantaseed Great question :slight_smile: This parable highlights the fact that all of those who heard Jesus’ invitation to God’s Kingdom were responsible for responding. Just like in the parable of the wedding feast, Jesus was sending out His servants to invite everyone and the religious leaders, who should have responded first, had actually rejected the message.

The clean garment, according to the commentary I read, would have been provided by the wedding host and been freely available. Therefore, if someone was not dressed in the proper garment, it was because they refused to wear it. This may symbolize someone who tries to come into God’s Kingdom but refuses to be cleansed by Jesus / walk in obedience to Him - faith without works is dead.

  • The Garment: “…some have understood this as an allusion to the imputed righteousness that Jesus hinted at early in His ministry (Matt 5:20)… Other suggest this refers to clean garments as opposed to dirty ones, symbolizing…evidential works of righteousness” Zondervan Background Commentary

Hope some of those thoughts help :slight_smile:


Good thoughts and question on this passage. May I ask if you are reading in the context that Jesus is speaking these parables to the leading Preists?