Welcome friends

Hey friends,
I’m from Nigeria. I love God’s word and would like to learn from others. A friend told me about this forum. I intend to share my understanding of scripture with others, and encourage those who are in need of encouragement.


Hello @Terviks, it’s wonderful to see so many people from Nigeria here! Welcome :heart:
I find myself engrossed in the topics that are raised here. I am learning a great deal and I trust you will be another asset to this forum. Encouragement, yes, we definitely need encouragement! Enjoy browsing through the topics and offering your thoughts.


Hi @Terviks,

Welcome! I’m so please that a friend told you about RZIM Connect. That’s the best way for this community to grow!

To maintain a bold and faithful witness to Jesus’ Lordship, we need encouragement! I look forward to growing to maturity in Christ with you.


Welcome to Connect, Victor! :slight_smile: I am certain your friends are blessed to have someone encourage them in the Lord. Perhaps they would enjoy joining, too!


Hi Victor

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A warm welcome, Victor! @Terviks :blush: