Welcome to Ask Away at RZIM Connect!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Ask Away community on RZIM Connect! Ever since having the opportunity to pray with a 78 year old listener to give her life to Jesus on the phone after our first episode of Ask Away, this podcast has been one of our highlights of the last year. We hope that listening to the podcast has been helpful to you also, and we are thrilled that you’re interested in participating in these ongoing discussions!

Oftentimes on Ask Away, we are only able to scratch the surface of some of the excellent topics that our listeners raise. Therefore, our intention in this group is to post follow-up questions after each episode to create space to take the conversation further. Our hope is that this will be a place where you can explore these apologetic issues more deeply together, supporting one another as we work out our faith in an honest and encouraging environment. We are certainly looking forward to learning from you!

We would also really love to specifically engage with questions from our committed listeners, so if there is a burning question on your mind, please do post it here! We look forward to treating many of your questions on the show, and even to designing whole episodes around the conversations that take place in this community.

Thank you so much for supporting Ask Away, we so appreciate your help in making it a more faithful and effective resource for equipping the body of Christ and engaging with the questions of skeptics.

With gratitude,

Jo, Vince, and Michael