What advice do you have for enduring the "Dark Night of the Soul?"

Hi Daniel

I am feeling so alone within my heart.
The devil is bringing so much of fear into my heart. I am in tears. I feel all others around me are happy.
After giving my life to Christ also, I am not completely committed to Christ.
I would stand for few months or weeks.
When the temptation rushes into my mind like a hurricane again I am committing that same rotten past sin to which once I have been captive.
Now again when repentance spirit comes into my heart I would cry at the feet of Christ.
But again a doubt, I feel the devil is laughing at me that again I will fall after few weeks or months.

I am in a situation that I cannot explain on my own. Always depressed…
I have hunger for Christ but I am not upto that stand. I fail utterly short to be a true Christian.
How to overcome this depression and loneliness.
I want to serve Jesus. But I am not worthy, I am crying, please pray for me…

SeanO here on rzim connect has helped me
By so many comforting verses.

Please pray for me, I don’t know when I would be free from this condition.

Before when I used to live in sin and world .
There was no worries and no loneliness.

But when I am willing to commit my life to Christ, all this is happening.
I can’t explain my situation.

Please guide me in this daniel and please pray for me, who ever sees this message please pray for me I will be so thankful to you guys.



Hi Kiran, I’m sorry to read this brother. I’m glad SeanO has been helpful with your journey. I want to just ask you a couple of questions and suggest a couple of things:

  1. You aren’t alone. You might think it’s odd you’re hurting as a Christian but becoming a Christian doesn’t exempt us from these trials of life. You’re on a journey figuring out what sanctification is all about. I have thought similar thoughts and had seasons of pain. God loves you and is with you through it all.

  2. I will pray for you.

  3. Do you have a local pastor/friend who can help personally guide you in your journey. We all need ‘relief valves’. You know what happens when a relief valve on a tank is missing or broken? It blows up. Your life, my life, blows up when we don’t have outlets to simply talk about our struggles and receive the personal godly guidance from a pastor/friend.

  4. You say you are unworthy and fall so short of being a true Christian. A question to think about is are you truly amazed by grace? It seems as though you are very disturbed you are still a sinner post your conversion. You have a great desire is to be a more holy man, which is beautiful, right, and wise. The pathway to holiness is becoming more amazed by grace. Receive his forgiveness and love when you repent. Repentance is essentially worship because it leads you back to the loving arms of a forgiving God. I hope your heart begins to explode with gratitude more and more.

God bless you brother Kiran,