What advice do you have for the focused study of diverse subjects?

Hi Jose,

Another question. There seems to be an incredible volume of material to study in a wide range of fields! How do you personally approach the discipline of focused study? What advice do you have for us as we seek to grow in our expertise and preparedness as evangelists?


Thanks for another great question, Carson. Let’s say I am studying a topic/ theme I am not too familiar with, as a rule of thumb, I begin with reading a dictionary article. I then follow this up with reading (or watching) at least 2 sources from the opposing views. This equips me with a broad introduction, and some of the key challenges that must be responded to. Then I draw from multiple sources to construct a response. And finally, take notes - journal, journal, journal!

Journaling (even mind mapping. If you are into that) is especially helpful for people like me, who enjoy reading/ reasearching multiple topics (often related) simultaneously. It helps integrate and synt different ideas well, quickly.

Hope this helps.


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