What advice would you give someone who is trying to approach youth with apologetics?

Hello! Nathan it’s a blessed to asked you
I am interesting to minister In youth but now the youth are brilliant in knowledge so we need an apologetics method… I’ll be glade if you give some tips of how to approach with an apologetics method.


Hi there,

Thank you for asking such a thoughtful question. Here are a few tips I would offer:

  1. Listening. When interacting with youth, it is hugely important to listen. Specifically, we need to start by listening to understand as opposed to listening to critique. We need to first understand a person before we offer critique.

  2. Take their questions seriously. Students want to be able to ask questions. It is important that we offer meaningful and genuine answers to the heartfelt questions they ask. We cannot afford to offer cookie-cutter/one-size-fits-all answers. To each person there is a context, experience, or crisis from which they are asking questions. Offering thoughtful and careful answers to difficult questions might be the most meaningful way in which we engage youth.

  3. Don’t answer a question if you do not know the answer. There is nothing worse than being in a conversation with a person and having them bluff their way through an answer. If we do not know an answer to a question, especially with youth, it is best to say as much.

  4. Ask questions. Youth not only want to ask questions. They want to be asked questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you are in a conversation with students. Answering and asking question make for a powerful combination. But just remember that asking a good question can often pack a lot of evangelistic punch. Generally speaking, questions are always better than statements. Instead of thinking up a creative answer to the question a student has, think through what question could be asked of that student’s question.

These are just a few thoughts. I hope this helps.

Warm regards,