What archived talks are available from RZIM?

Hi everyone, Does RZIM have any archived speeches on other topics?

Hi Abby, yes they do. I go to YouTube and search for RZIM and the topic. I have spent many hours worth of time watching videos.

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Welcome to Connect, @alsmith0203! We’re glad you’ve joined us. Like Daren said, searching YouTube is one of the best ways, but you can also check out our Premium Content section here on Connect. :slight_smile:

Hi @alsmith0203,

Thank you for your great question!

This Topic provides an overview of the content available to watch in RZIM Connect:

Our YouTube page is a great place to access hundreds of hours of free content:

And you may be interested in exploring the RZIM Academy as well:

Please let us know if we can be of assistance in any other way.

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