What are a few books that have powerfully impacted your worldview and your life?


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Hi @Lara_Buchanan,

Thanks so much for joining us! As I looked over your bio this morning, it struck me that God has brought you into contact with a lot of books throughout your life! Would you be willing to share a few books that have powerfully impacted some part of your worldview or played a critical role in your life?


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Thank you for this question, it’s a great one! A couple of years ago I prayed that God would bring the right books across my path at the right times, and it has been exciting to watch how he has done just that!

Perhaps I’ll start by saying that I have always found Christian biographies to be really impacting. Reading about Corrie Ten Boom, Brother Andrew, William Booth, John Wesley, Susannah Wesley, Brother Yun, Billy Graham etc., have truly inspired me, so I would highly recommend these to anyone who is looking to have their faith strengthened!

But here is a little cross-section of other books which have recently had an impact on me:

‘All of Grace’ Charles Spurgeon
‘Revelations of Divine Love’ Julien of Norwich
‘Beyond Personality’ CS Lewis
‘Are women human?’ DL Sayers
‘Finding the Lost’ Kenneth Bailey
‘The Case for the Resurrection’ Gary Habermas & Mike Licona
‘Walking with God through pain and suffering’ Tim Keller

I hope that is helpful! I may come back to add to this post later in the week, I really like this question :slight_smile:

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