What are Charles Josephs' Thoughts on Holistic Health?

@Charles_Joseph thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I would love to learn more about why holistic health is one of your inrerests. Would you please share your thoughts on this as it is an area of interest to me also?


Hi Brian!

Thanks for asking and nice to know of our common interest.

Mark 12:30 is a verse that is indeed very deep and gives me a framework to understand the idea and scope of Person-hood as the Bible teaches us.

“Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.” I’m aware of the nuances and limits in understanding and treading a thin line in ‘exegeting’ this verse.
Popularly the heart is the seat of emotions, the soul - seat of the will/decisions, mind - seat of intellect and strength - physicality (seat of energy), so the Lord wants us to love him with our all! With our emotions, decisions, intellect and actions.

So the idea of the whole person is not limited to but includes, these different faculties, the effect of the fall, should have ramifications in all these areas - emotional health, will-powers (ability to make and keep to decisions), intellectual health (healthy thought-life/mental health), physical health are all domains that could be affected by the fall and would need redemption.

Hence I think, scriptures have a lot of support (there are several other passages that one could find) and emphasis and recommendations for flourishing as a disciple in all these domains and live out the abundant life, that Jesus invites us to.

Several passages in the Bible speak about redeeming our thought/heart life (emotions), transforming our minds (intellect), re-orienting and controlling our affections (heart), being good stewards of our bodies (physical) and has several antidotes to transformation. The nine aspects of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, are all antidotes for flourishing holistically - in emotions, intellect, relationships, decisions, behaviour, etc., a journey to holistic and spiritual fullness.