What are good resources to give to someone who says they can't believe in a religion which is responsible for so many wars?

Hey Nathan. I have a co worker who is an atheist and a skeptic. We have had a few good discussions. His apprehension towards religion is mostly political, with a lot of “what about all the evil done by christians” mentality. He is moving soon and I would like to give him either a book or dvd. Do you have any recommendations?


H Matthew,

I would recommend a book by Rodney Stark called _The Rise of Christianity.

Stark is a professor of sociology. In his book he looks at the very early days of Christianity and how a staggeringly small movement became a world-changing faith. Perhaps what I find most compelling about the book is that Stark started writing the book as a non-believer. By the end of writing his book, he had become a Christian in large part because of the in-depth research he had done on, what he calls, the rise of Christianity.

Chapter by chapter describes the distinguishing factors between those who follow Christ versus the pagan community or other groups. It is a fascinating read!

I would highly recommend this book to your friend.