What are Parables and Why Did Jesus Use Them?

Abdu explores the relationship of parables to the truth and what one parable especially has to tell us about this period of isolation.

Parables have a way not just of conveying truth in a way that’s memorable, but also in a way that puts us in the middle of the argument and makes the facts relevant to our lives.

But the phrase that’s key for us is this: the master says “Invite anybody possible, that my house may be full.” You see Christianity is not an exclusive religious system that tries to exclude people out of it unless you believe a certain thing or belong to a certain tribe. We need to hear this today in our ever increasingly tribalistic culture. No, the Christian faith is a faith that says that God wants all to come into his home, and experience, so that his house can be full. Now, there is an exclusive means of salvation, and that is through Jesus Christ, but the invitation is inclusive

It is an exclusive means of salvation, but it is an inclusive invitation, so that God’s house may be full.

Make it personal:

  • How do you see yourself in relationship to God’s feast? Do you feel included in his celebration?

  • How can you present the inclusive invitation of God’s salvation to your friends in this time?