What are some effective strategies for helping Hindus reevaluate the beliefs of their culture?

@Jose_Philip Hey Jose, still remember getting to hang out with you at the EAP program. Hope you’ve been drinking that coffee, because I’ve got a zinger for you :wink:

I’ve had a few chances to discuss religious things with Hindus over the course of weeks or months and both cases were very different.

With one of the young men, he agreed with everything I said about Jesus as if there was no issue. With the other, it seemed like no matter what type of question I asked he always went back to what his strand of Hinduism had to say about the matter and challenged the Christian response.

These encounters were so different and yet in both cases I struggled to ask questions that would help these guys step outside of their own worldview for just a second to take a critical look at what they believed.

In your experience, what are a couple of effective strategies for helping Hindus to reevaluate the beliefs of their culture as you build a friendship with them and they show interest in understanding your perspective on God?


Hi Sean. It’s good to hear from you! How have you been? Ah! Coffee😇

Your experience is not atypical, Sean. That’s the nature of Hinduism itself - a spectrum. I usually look for the ‘existential rub’. Everyone seeks after something (for any number of reasons) in this life. I try to uncover the ‘Why’!! And, more often than not, the ‘why’ does not sit well with their worldview.

Hope this helps, Sean.

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@Jose_Philip Yes, hunting the ‘why’ would seem a useful place to start

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