What are some good resources and curriculum for elementary and middle school aged students?

@Nathan_Betts thank you for being with us this week.

I am a school principal and am very interested in curriculum mapping. I have many resources for apologetics for adults but am wondering if you could point me in the direction to locate some resources or curriculum for elementary students as well as middle school aged students.


Hi Brian,

Great question. Within RZIM, I am very excited that Drew McNeil and his team at the RZIM Academy are in the pilot stages of RZIM Academy’s youth/college prep course. This is aimed at a high school level, but I thought this news might be of interest to you.

Regarding a curriculum for middle school, I think Awana ministries has put out very helpful material. Here is the link to their middle school curriculum:https://awanaym.org/trek

Also worth noting is the high school curriculum that Sean McDowell helped Awana do. Here is the link to that: https://awanaym.org/journey/advocates

I hope this helps.