What are some good resources on the historical basis of the Christian faith?

hello fellow coloradian! i would love to know what resources you recommend for the historical basis of the christian faith ( or any other favorite resources for that matter)

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Hey Megan-

First of all, keep repping the best state in the entire US of A (everybody’s thinking it, we’re just saying it :wink:#ColoradoForever :mountain_snow: :mountain_biking_man: :sunny:️)

Second of all, thanks for that question! Here are a few of my favorite resources:

My go-to’s on general reliability:
“The Historical Reliability of the Bible,” Craig Blomberg
“Is the New Testament Reliable?” Paul Barnett
“The Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable and Relevant?” Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

Specific issues:
“The Case for The Resurreciton of Jesus,” Gary Habermas and Mike Licona
“The Resurrection of the Son of God,” NT Wright
“The Cannon of Scripture,” FF Bruce

Some awesome cultural studies in the gospels:
“Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes,” Kenneth Baily

Other apologetic resources:

I’m a sucker for Tim Keller’s “The Reason For God.” It’s my go-to when skeptics ask for a breakdown of the reasons for Christian faith. Tim Keller is the man :sunglasses:

“God’s Undertaker,” by John Lennox is an excellent introduction to the science v. religion debate.

Next up on my reading list:
“Cities of God” by Rodney Stark- a look at how the early Christian church became an urban movement and revolutionized the Roman world

“Determined to Believe?” John Lennox’s take on the predestination/freewill debate

Hope that’s helpful! What would you say the best resources in apologetics have been for you?