What are some good resources to address Christian Science?

Hey Matt,

I have been a huge fan of everything at RZIM, prayers for Ravi and the whole team!

I formerly was of the Christian Science beliefs, from Mary Baker Eddy, in todays times it is very fringe, but formerly it was very large, with many large churches around the world.

I was wondering if there are any prepared apologetics addressing that particular worldview that I may use to share with my family who are still in that worldview.

Can you comment on your knowledge regarding Christian Science and what resources may be available to help?

Kyle Simmons

Thats me on the right at Passion Conference 2020


Hi Kyle,

Thanks so much for your warm message! Praising God for bringing you out of Christian Science and into true Christianity.

To be honest, this isn’t my strongest area, so I talked to my father (who is also an apologist) and he recommended the book The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin (edited by Ravi), which has an excellent chapter on it. Hope you find it helpful! https://smile.amazon.com/Walter-Martin-Kingdom-Cults/dp/B004S30AEQ

Have there been any resources have you found particularly useful?