What are some pointers on how we can best relate the proclamation of the gospel and seeking justice in society?


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Hi Dr. Thejus,

Given your studies of Amartya Sen’s work, could you share with us some helpful pointers on how we can best relate the proclamation of the gospel and seeking justice in society? One of the ways I am proud of and grateful for RZIM is the close integration between our itinerant evangelists and Wellspring International. But, there is much more for a thoughtful Christian to consider as we reflect on the implications of God’s message for human flourishing.

Ask Dr. Daniel Thejus (Bobby) (February 12-16, 2018)
Ask Dr. Daniel Thejus (Bobby) (February 12-16, 2018)
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Hi Carson, that is a very important question. More recently I have been reflecting on the importance of confidence for human flourishing. Being confident has far-reaching consequences in your personal and public life. The ability to say ‘no’ or to claim your entitlements takes confidence. Information or education does not give us confidence. Many people around the world might have an education and yet not possess the confidence to seek justice.
In the Gospels, there are instances where an individual meets Jesus and their life is transformed. I believe a lot of this transformation involves confidence. Take for instance the blind man who had the guts to offer Jesus to the Pharisees who kept taunting him with questions (John 9:27). Or for that matter the frightened disciples who later become dare-devils of the gospel. The woman at the well, from sassy to confident, the quality of her confidence is transformed. The woman who might have been stoned to death, if not for Jesus, will be another interesting case study for confidence.
Finally, it is not merely confidence that helps us seek justice. The advantage of being influenced by Jesus is that confidence is now mingled with love. This removes the hatred and revenge that sometimes comes with seeking justice.

Jan Klein